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We show our faith by what we do.

Church Choir

At St. James “Saved by Faith; Serving with Love” is our statement of faith.

Since we have been given salvation as a gift of God’s love for us, we desire to live our lives in service, spreading God’s love to others.  Our faith is always a work in progress. At times in life it is easy but when we face difficulties our faith is tested. Having a good faith foundation and a supportive community to lean on when life is tough helps us over these bumps.

Growing our faith and searching for answers, we invite you to join the ministries of faith and service offered at St. James. Here is a list of the Teams and Committees.  This is a summary of their activities.

  • Youth and Children

  • Missions

  • Local Outreach

  • African Ministry

  • Spiritual Growth

At St. James

  • The love and peace of Christ are taught.

  • The treasured wisdom of the Bible is shared.

  • Friendships develop easily among loving people.

  • Music, in many forms, plays a prominent role.

  • Those who have experienced broken homes find healing.

  • People are concerned about Africa, its people and churches.

  • Parents are learning how to teach their children to love others.

  • There are no perfect people and all are aware of God’s forgiveness.

  • Member volunteers work for blood banks, hospitals, the Red Cross and Meals on Wheels.

Church Choir Singers and Music Sheets
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