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African Ministry

African Ministry

The St. James African Ministry Team is intentional about carrying out ministry that recognizes each person in our midst as an important member of the body of Christ. Everyone comes to our church community with gifts to share and with physical, spiritual, and emotional needs that yearn to be met.

Our team is dedicated to building a ministry of mutuality among all the members of St. James, including the African refugees who have joined our congregation and who worship and serve with us. The faith and trust in Jesus Christ they bring to our congregation is inspirational. They bring an enthusiasm to our ministries at St. James by participating in worship leadership roles, mission and outreach projects, and in our spiritual growth opportunities.

We appreciate the unique needs the Africans have as they strive toward self-sufficiency within our local community. Therefore, our African Ministry Team has walked with these brothers and sisters on a variety of matters; including finding employment, preparing for GED exams, securing warm winter clothing, vehicle repair, housing concerns, computer setups and repairs, and much more.

St. James has also become a charter member of the Quad City Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees (QCAIR), with African Ministry Team representatives serving on QCAIR’s board.

We are grateful for this opportunity to walk, arm in arm, in an atmosphere of trust and caring. We do this with Bwana Yesu Christou (the Lord Jesus Christ), by the power of Roho Mtakatifu (the Holy Spirit).

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