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Baptism & Communion


As Lutherans, we at St. James celebrate two sacraments, Holy Baptism and Holy Communion.

Holy Baptism is a wonderful gift from God that uses the earthly element of water, along with God’s Word of promise and blessing, in order to bring about new life.  Through the gracious and unconditional love of God, the newly baptized is offered the presence of Christ for eternity, entrance into a Christian community as a beloved child of God, forgiveness of all sin, and a new beginning in life with a holy purpose. A person of any age can be baptized.

Holy Communion is the real presence of Jesus Christ given to us through the earthly elements of bread and wine, or grape juice. Through the elements of Communion and God’s promise and blessing, we are nurtured on our faith journey. Out of God’s great love we are offered the forgiveness of sin, new and abundant life, and Christ’s Spirit as a living presence in our lives. We celebrate Holy Communion each week during our Sunday morning worship. Gluten-free wafers are available.

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